ZQuiet Review - Good Mouthpiece But Not The Best!
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ZQuiet Mouthpiece Review

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What is the ZQuiet mouthpiece?

ZQuiet Review - Stop Snoring MouthpieceThe ZQuiet mouthpiece is a Mandibular Advancement Device that will stop you from snoring by keeping your lower jaw pushed forward. That way, your throat remains clear and you can freely breathe. The ZQuiet has a breathing hole at the front that allows you to breathe through your mouth while asleep, meaning it can be worn when you have a stuffy nose during allergy season or if you have the flu.

An interesting particularity of the ZQuiet is its design: unlike most MADs, it doesn’t need to be adjusted through a boil-and-bite process it comes ready-to-wear. And its relatively flexible material allows for jaw movements, sipping water, and even speaking. The only issue with the design is it only comes in one size, which should be fine for the huge majority of users, though for some it will be too small (if its too big you can cut it).

Each mouthpiece should also last about 12 months, though this number will vary depending on the user. It costs 89.9 for 2 (plus shipping), and you can only buy the ZQuiet in pairs (though the two mouthpieces have different bites, so you can choose which one you want to wear, rather than being two identical pieces).

The product has not gone through clinical trials, but has gotten really good reviews online, and has been cleared by the FDA (deemed similar enough to another product fully approved by the FDA).

The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This means the company responds well to customers’ comments and complaints (if any).

The Design and Materials Used

The ZQuiet is made of a non-toxic BPA and latex free thermoplastic. It is important for it to be BPA free because BPA has been related to many health problems like negative effects on the heart and brain, and even an effect on the brain that can lead to cancer. For a product you put in your mouth to be latex free is equally important because a large proportion of the population is either allergic, or at least sensitive, to latex, meaning a extended contact with latex can cause irritation, or allergic reactions.

The ZQuiet has a particularly unique design because it comes ready-to-wear, unlike the huge majority of MADs that need to be adjusted through a boil-and-bite process. So the ZQuiet is one size fits all and comes in two different bites, for you to choose your most comfortable jaw position.

The device also uses what it calls “Living Hinge Technology”, which allows for natural jaw movement, unlike most MADs who hold your jaw in a really specific position.

The airhole at the front allows the user to breathe through their mouth, which is convenient for mouth breathers, but also for when you would have a stuffy nose and would be unable to breathe through your nose.

How to use the ZQuiet and How it Works

The ZQuiet comes ready-to-use, and comes in two different optimal positions for your lower jaw so you can choose which one is more comfortable for you. To use, just make sure you brushed your teeth and have a clean mouth, and place the device in you mouth.

Snoring often occurs during sleep because while asleep your muscles relax, including those in your throat, making it easier for them to vibrate. So when the lower jaw falls to the back of your throat, it allows your tongue to also fall back and partially clog the airway. Because air will have to force its way through the narrowed airway when you breathe, it will make the tissues in the back of your throat vibrate, making you snore. The ZQuiet is meant to hold your lower jaw in a forward position, stopping your tongue from falling back and making you snore.

This means the ZQuiet will start working the moment you start wearing it.

Cleaning and Longevity of the ZQuiet Mouthpiece

To clean the ZQuiet, simply use a toothbrush and toothpaste with cold water. Clean it thoroughly after each use and let it air dry.

Make sure to store the device in a dry place

The ZQuiet mouthpiece should last about 12 months, though it will depend on the user, and on whether it is properly cared for. Though one recurring comment left by reviews online is that it lasts somewhat less than the 12 months. Also, the company ships two mouthpieces for the price of one, but they have different jaw positions, so they are not really meant to both be worn, rather it is so you can choose your most comfortable fit.

Potential side effects

The most common side effects are

  • Jaw soreness and
  • Excessive drooling.

All side effects should be at their worse the first few days, and quickly diminish in intensity.

Clinical trials

No clinical trials.

Will the ZQuiet Work for You?

The ZQuiet has really good reviews online, it has a breathing hole at the front so you can breathe through your mouth, it is one size fits all and should fit most without any fitting process (though for a small number of people it will be too small), and it is really easy to clean.

It cannot be worn by people with dentures.

How Much Does it Cost and Where to Buy

It can be bought on their official website: www.zquiet.com

It costs $89.90 plus $9.95 shipping. BUT you can take a 30-day trial for $9.95 (plus shipping).

There is no money back guarantee, but that is what the trial is for.

Company Behind the Product

Founded in 2008, the company has gotten accredited by the Better Business Bureau, its product has been cleared by the FDA, and it has gotten very good reviews online for the ZQuiet.

ZQuiet Review Conclusion

The ZQuiet is a MAD that doesn’t need to be adjusted for it to be comfortable to wear. Its living Hinge Technology allows for movement of the jaw, and its material also does not use BPA or latex. It has a hole at the front to let you breathe through your mouth. It has been cleared by the FDA, and its company has been BBB Accredited.

It is easy to clean with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and when properly cared for can last up to 12 months.

The side effects, jaw soreness and excessive drooling, are common to all MADs.

It cannot be worn by people with dentures.

For only 9.95 USD (plus shipping) you can take it for a 30-day trial. If you like the product, the remaining 79.95 will be deducted from your credit card, if not you can return it and nothing will be taken from your account.

It’s not the best snoring mouthpiece out there and doesn’t really compete with Good Morning Snore Solution or AirSnore mouthpiece. Nevertheless, it has had some good feedback and because of the 30-day trial for 9.95, it makes it worth a try, if only to see if you are a jaw snorer.

Pros and Cons


  • No fitting required
  • Latex and BPA free
  • FDA cleared
  • Company is BBB Accredited
  • Breathing hole at front
  • 30-day trial for 9.95 USD plus shipping
  • Simple cleaning with a toothbrush
  • Lasts up to 12 months


  • Not really precise fit, may be too small for some
  • Can’t use with dentures
  • May cause jaw soreness and drooling, at least for a while
  • May fall out of mouth at night (not really tight fit)

Summary: It’s not the best snoring mouthpiece out there and doesn’t really compete with Good Morning Snore Solution or AirSnore mouthpiece. Nevertheless, it has had some good feedback and reviews online, company is BBB Accredited, FDA cleared, and because of the 30-day trial for 9.95, it makes it worth a try, if only to see if you are a jaw snorer, but also because it often works, and is comfortable.

RatingRated 4 stars

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