How to Stop Snoring: Cures, Remedies, Tips & Guides
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How Acupuncture Can Stop Your Snoring

Snoring is a serious problem that can lead to health problems, as well as relationship issues if you happen to share a bed with a snorer. Treatment options range from oral devices to invasive surgeries. 

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Three Popular Snore Apps that Work

Smartphone apps are one way to monitor and stop snoring for good. After all, many people sleep with their phone next to them on a table, and the technology involved in the apps is more powerful than ever. Knowing

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Do Tongue Retaining Devices Work to Decrease Snoring?

Treatments for snoring fall into three categories: anti-snoring devices; snoring treatments; and surgical solutions. Within the category of anti-snoring devices, there are hundreds of products, yet mouthpieces

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Can Your Fitbit™ Help Reduce Snoring?

There are many treatment options available to snorers from mouthpieces to nasal strips to surgery. However, there is one piece of technology that you may not have considered that can help you to stop snoring,

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CES 2018: Nokia Sleep Helps You Combat Snoring

Every year there are impressive new pieces of technology on display at CES. The convention has a reputation for being the big showcase for companies to unveil their inventions to the world. This year has

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Salt Therapy vs. Medications for Treating (Allergies, Asthma, etc.)

Salt therapy is a rapidly growing holistic treatment for treating respiratory symptoms and even problem skin. There are a variety of ways to manage our allergies, asthma, and other respiratory or skin

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Salt Therapy and How It Can Improve Your Respiratory Issues

Salt is an essential mineral needed for life. It has also been used for centuries to relieve and cure many ailments. It’s healing abilities help relieve an array of respiratory illnesses such as asthma,

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SoundOff Earplugs Review for Snoring

SoundOff Earplugs Review There’s nothing worse than having your peaceful slumber interrupted by the deafening rumble of a snorer. You can ask the snorer to roll over, or use a special pillow, or seek

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High-Tech Tools to Stop Snoring

Did you know that 30% of people snore? This figure increases as adults get older, and there’s a 2:1 ratio between men and women. While snoring may seem like a minor problem to some, for many, it causes

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Alternative Anti-Snoring Therapies

Most people snore at least once in their lifetime whether it is brought on by nasal congestion, a strange sleeping position, smoking, medications, or seasonal allergies. It’s a natural circumstance caused

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8 Snoring Solutions: How to Stop Snoring

Snoring occurs when air is restricted from moving freely through the nose and throat during sleep. The muscles in the back of the mouth and the upper airway of the throat, relax. The airway narrows or

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Provent vs. Theravent: A Comparison

Sleep is important to all of us, and modern Americans do not get enough sleep. Between work, social lives, and children’s activities, far too few of us get a solid eight hours per night. That is true

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