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The Effect of Air Pollution on Sleep Health

Sleep health is considered by modern health experts and physicians to be a barometer of overall physical and mental health. If your sleep is poor quality, frequently interrupted, or plagued by snoring,

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How Snoring Is Impacting Your Workout

Snoring is one of the most common sleep complaints doctors hear. It’s bothersome to your sleep partner, it can leave you with a dry mouth and a sore throat, and it can affect your levels of restful

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Sleeping Position, Personality Traits, and their Effect on Your Sleep

If you’ve ever slept alongside a snorer, you’ll know that when they are sleeping on their back, they are more likely to snore. Prodding and poking snorers is usually an attempt to get them

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How Stress Impacts Your Sleep

Have you ever complained about “losing sleep” over a problem? Intuitively, we feel that daytime stress can negatively affect sleep. Research has shown that stress is a unique enemy of sleep

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Salt Therapy and How It Can Improve Your Respiratory Issues

Salt is an essential mineral needed for life. It has also been used for centuries to relieve and cure many ailments. It’s healing abilities help relieve an array of respiratory illnesses such as

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The 10 Most Common Sleep Disorders

Insomnia This is one of the most common sleep disorders, affecting nearly 60% of us to one extent or another. Insomnia is commonly recognised as the inability to fall or stay asleep, but it can also present

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